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NWU General Academic Rules 2019-2020-See Full details

North-West University General Academic Rules 2019-2020-See Full details

These rules must be read with and applied subject to the Higher Education Act (101 of 1997), the
Higher Education Qualifications Sub-framework (HEQSF) and the Statute of the North-West
University, and in conjunction with policies as determined by Senate and Council, such as, but not
limited to, the Admissions Policy and all other related policies for the governance, management and
administration of teaching, learning and research, as well as the schedule of payable fees as
determined annually by the university.
1.1.2 These rules apply to all Senate-approved academic programmes that lead to formal qualifications
listed in the Programme and Qualification Mix (PQM) of the university, regardless of the mode of
delivery. Where applicable, the Rules distinguish between provisions that apply to programmes
delivered by means of the contact and distance modes of delivery (referred to in these rules as
“contact” and “distance” qualifications and programmes).
1.1.3 These rules prevail over faculty rules.
1.1.4 The Glossary of Teaching-Lea


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